To create a network that develops leadership capacity among professionals who will make a difference in Vietnam


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In 2015, SEO-Vietnam hosted its first fellowship program in Hanoi, connecting more and more candidates to opportunities based in the region. Our Partner: Write My Essay Today

2015 is also the first year SEO-Vietnam initiated a spring fellowship program tailored for local students in both Hanoi and HCMC


In 2014, SEO-Vietnam hosts the first series of live Webinar where candidates could ask questions for panelists directly

We registered the biggest summer class of interns as 57 students secure internships from our partner companies


The SEO-Vietnam success story carried on as the class size increased by 37% compared to the previous year

In 2013, SEO-Vietnam altered its community service component to give students a choice of three local NPOs to work with over a period of 8 weeks


In summer 2012, SEO-Vietnam made an impressive achievement – doubling the number of applicants

Out of 482 candidates, we successfully selected 27 students and matched them with 17 partner employers.


In summer 2011, SEO-Vietnam successfully expanded our program to include more partner employers ranging from financial services firms, technology start-ups to educational essay writer institutions

We hosted the first off-line info session at various universities to promote our organization to more local students


In 2010, IIV partnered with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) to form SEO-Vietnam. In its first year, SEO-Vietnam successfully placed 13 students in 7 firms at several prestigious financial services, retail, and non-profit organizations in Vietnam. We hosted a total of 13 summer seminar series, 9 training sessions and workshops, with one opening dinner accompanied by the welcoming speech by the founders of SEO, and provided a mentoring program.


In 2009, Tony Ngo founded ‘Interns in Vietnam’ (IIV). The initial summer program of 2009 provided opportunities to connect 5 interns from a diversity of backgrounds with Vietnamese leading financial firms (Horizon Capital and IDG Ventures Vietnam). The interns were placed in different divisions of IIV’s partner companies, receiving on-the-job training and mentorship from a firm supervisor. This ideology of giving the interns first hand experience during their internship enhanced IIV’s quality as an internship provider in Vietnam, and also a close model to professional internships in New York or London. In addition, an emphasis on the “giving back to society” spirit was also put forward. Every intern was required to work on a community project of their own, contributing through volunteerism and leadership.

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